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What's On The Reading Radar #Wish'Lst #TBR

What am I doing? Well, for the first half of the week I worked on edits for Caledonia Destiny. It is a manuscript that has been sitting my computer for a long time. I sent it to an editor and she retuirned the first half of the edits to me at the beginning of the month. 

The last part of the week, I've been working on Bespoken while preparing for a visit from my niece. She and her husband are moving across country and will be spending a couple of days with us. I haven't worked on Mestor and Sohm'lan's novella but I'll put aside time next week to see if I can't knock that out.

I'm putting together a list of flash fictions. I want to do one for Ariafella but I'm not sure where I want to start with her. I'm still mulling over her background and what exactly drew Azaes to her. 

As for reading, I've been re-reading Laurel K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series and the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I'm several books behind on BDB and decided to re-read some of my favorites first. I'm on Rhage's book and I'd forgotten how much I liked his story. :) I'm also reading KA Merikan's We Met In Death. It's marked at dark romance, which I usually avoid but I been searching for something different to read and decided to give it a go. It is not as dark as I expected. There's some back and forth angst which is expected because one MC is in denial.

Title: The Leopard
Series: Marakand, 1
Author(s): KV Johansen
Length: 432
Publisher: Pyr (June 10, 2014)

Genre: Non-Romantic / LGBT characters / Epic Fantasy / Dragons & Mythical Creatures / Action & Adventure / 

Notes: There is something about this cover...


Ahjvar, the assassin known as the Leopard, wants only to die, to end the curse that binds him to a life of horror. Although he has no reason to trust the goddess Catairanach or her messenger Deyandara, fugitive heir to a murdered tribal queen, desperation leads him to accept her bargain: if he kills the mad prophet known as the Voice of Marakand, Catairanach will free him of his curse. Accompanying him on his mission is the one person he has let close to him in a lifetime of death, a runaway slave named Ghu. Ahj knows Ghu is far from the half-wit others think him, but in Marakand, the great city where the caravan roads of east and west meet, both will need to face the deepest secrets of their souls, if either is to survive the undying enemies who hunt them and find a way through the darkness that damns the Leopard.

To Marakand, too, come a Northron wanderer and her demon verrbjarn lover, carrying the obsidian sword Lakkariss, a weapon forged by the Old Great Gods to bring their justice to the seven devils who escaped the cold hells so long before.

Title: His Mossy Boy
Series: Beings In Love
Author(s): R. Cooper
Length: 685 page
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 

Notes: holy cow! 685 pages?!!

Blurb: Years ago, a very intoxicated Martin nearly died in the woods outside Everlasting, and a beautiful creature saved him, although Martin’s done his best to forget it. He spends his time in a haze of weed as he avoids his emotionally abusive mother—and the way he feels about men. Martin is already a weirdo in his isolated small town; he doesn’t need a sexuality crisis too. He’s a mess, but someone—or something—always seems to take care of him, usually a tall, sarcastic deputy by the name of Ian Forrester.

No one knows much about Ian, which is how he and his family prefer it. Ian has resigned himself to a lonely life keeping his secrets and guarding his forest. It’s safe to dream of Martin, because Martin never remembers Ian helping him. Besides, Martin barely speaks to Ian, so nothing can ever grow between them. Right?

But with the dragons—and the magic—back in Everlasting, suddenly anything seems possible, even a happily ever after for two men who never expected one....

Title: Late in the Day
Series: (The Vault Book 2)
Author(s): Mary Calmes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Badassery / 

Notes: releases the 30th. I'm so excited for this!!!


Terrence Moss. Conrad Harris. Gold Team Leader. Darius Hawthorne. The Vault. Juggling all these names would bother some, but for Darius, it’s business as usual. When he closes a chapter in his life, he leaves a name—and the people associated with it—behind. He’s managed to keep a few colleagues, even fewer friends, and no companionship through his forty-plus years… but that’s now changing.

The newest chapter of his life is bringing serious change: a stable home, a recovered identity, an unlikely family, and now a chance encounter with the one man Darius ever loved: Efrem Lahm. The reasons they parted are still valid, and there’s no way they can trust each other. But Efrem has already decided he won’t let Darius go… and Darius will have to decide if he wants to take a chance with his heart this late in the day.

Title: My Dark Knight
Series: Kings of Hell MC, 2
Author(s): K.A. Kerikan
Length: 438 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / MMM / Ghost MC / Paranormal /


Blurb: Love or hate. Life or death. No in-between. No compromise. No rules in love and war.

Knight. Party monster. Handsome Savage. Doesn’t do monogamy.
Elliot. Obsessive. Intense. Uncompromising.

Newly single, Knight is done with relationships. All he's interested in is bringing down The Count, an Internet personality who is tarnishing his family name. An opportunity to crush him comes when the audacious clown shows up at the Kings of Hell MC clubhouse to film for his YouTube channel. But when Knight meets Elliot, the man behind The Count, he no longer knows what to do with him.

Knight has never seen a more pathetic creature than Elliot. He’s also never met anyone who needed him more. Skinny, messed up, and a bucket of trouble as thick as tar, everything Elliot does seems to be a wordless death wish. No matter how much Knight hates Elliot’s alter ego, under the makeup and theatrics hides a fragile young guy with a passion for history, and Knight can’t help but catch Elliot every time he falls.

Elliot has bad taste in men. Always hopelessly attracted to violent brutes, his favorite is a long dead serial killer. But he gets more than he’s bargained for when he seizes an opportunity to meet the man of his dreams. The ghost is manipulative and dangerous, offering Elliot all he’s always wanted, for a price he can’t possibly pay.

Elliot is faced with an impossible choice between two men.
One alive, one dead.
One carnal and honest, one drizzling sweet, poisoned promises into his ear.
One unwilling to commit, the other promising an eternity together.
And Elliot doesn’t settle for half-measures. He craves a love that is all or nothing, passion that will consume him, and desire to burn him alive.
Elliot is ready to either get that, or die trying.

Title: Bound by Thorns
Series: (The Dragon Soul Series)
Author(s): Sean Michael
Length: 223 pages
Publisher: Carina Press

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 


Blurb: Meet the Beteferoce brothers: five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power. And each with a fierce desire to find his soul mate… 

Park ranger Luke Beteferoce likes the quiet of the forest—a place he can be alone. The dragon shifter keeps himself busy maintaining his territory in the park…that is, until he meets ex-soldier Greyson Paulson. Suddenly, Luke finds himself thinking of all sorts of scenarios that involve Greyson. And with the kind of tension he’s feeling, hot, sweaty, nonkinky sex is only the beginning.

While he’s perfectly fine being left alone, Greyson finds he enjoys the company of the bossy yet tender park ranger. Soon, trying to fight the heat between them is a losing battle: he’s ready to give in to the irresistible lust he feels for Luke. Greyson may not be ready to completely submit, but he still can’t stop himself from following every command Luke whispers his way.

Luke hasn’t felt this kind of connection and satisfaction with anyone ever before, leading him to discover Greyson’s marked as his mate. But with Greyson battling his own limitations and lack of experience, it’s going to take Luke more than hours-long hot sex to convince Greyson to stay and accept his destiny.

Book three in the Dragon Soul series

This book is approximately 73,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

Title: A Single Heartbeat
Author(s): Morgan Elektra
Length: 46 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Enemies to Lovers / Vampires / Paranormal /


Blurb: Nature made them adversaries, but one glance ignites a lust stronger than the need for blood.

After 200 years, the nightlife has lost its allure for Reese. A leader among his kind, owner of a nightclub that serves as a banquet of nubile flesh and hot blood, he is bored out of his mind.

His heart hasn't stirred in over a century.

Born to a line of vampire hunters, Will ventures out every day after dark to track down those creatures who have crossed the line from feeding to murder, and destroy them.

All he wants is one night off to drink and dance and maybe get laid.

Too bad it's not his lucky night. Or maybe it is?

Not even witnessing Will stake one of his brethren is enough to quell the lust that Reese feels from his first glimpse of the gorgeous hunter. And though Will knows how dangerous it could be to take the sensual invitation in Reese's dark eyes, he can't resist.

Why fight when they could fuck instead?

Title: The Tiger King
Series: (Paladin Shifters Book 1)
Author(s): Patricia Logan
Length: 238 pages

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Paranormal / Fantasy / Shifters / 


Blurb: Damiano Satriale is hiding a deep dark secret, one that he’s had to cloak from the scent of other shifters all his life. Should anyone pick up on the vibrations of his royal bloodline, it will be the end of him. Ordered to the court of King Fain, monarch to all large cat shifters, the assignment leaves a bad taste in Dami’s mouth. The last thing he ever wanted or needed was the scrutiny that will come while serving as Paladin Primero, the king’s champion and most fearsome warrior knight. To top it all off, Dami is greeted by none other than his mate, someone he’d hoped never to meet. 

Paget Jureaux, the panther who runs King Fain’s household, has been serving the monarch for nearly five years after the coup which resulted in the execution of the former king, Pasha Raab. He’s made lots of acquaintances and a few friends, but he’s never had any romantic entanglements. With no other gay cats around, there hasn’t been much chance for Paget to fall in love. When his mate arrives in the form of the king’s new paladin, he curses his fate. Not only does the man come with a vicious and cruel reputation, but a stunning face and an incredibly sexy body.

Thrown together by destiny, the two realize they must avoid each other at all costs and face the biggest challenge of their lives… trying to stay alive long enough… to walk away with broken hearts.

Title: Recoil 
Author(s): Evelyn Drake

Genre:  Romance / Gay / Contemporary / Foster Brothers / Detective / Mystery / 


Blurb: Detective Tobias Sohbier spent his childhood between several foster homes, and the only time he found peace was when he fell in love with one of his foster brothers. It didn't last. His brother died, and Tobias went off the rails until he finally turned his life around. Now he's a homicide detective, and finds vengeance his own way. He's still broken, but the job hides it well.

Kyle Rivers is a bouncer on the run from his past. When his parents found out he'd fallen in love with the kid they took in, they kicked Tobias out and condemned Kyle to a living hell, trapped in his own basement while they tried to "fix" him. They told him Tobias was dead. They kept Kyle like a dirty secret. Now that he's free, he's found that Tobias is alive... But he doesn't know how to reach out.

A murder at Kyle's club brings them together, and as the body count racks up, so does Tobias' guilt and grief. Kyle, meanwhile, can't deal with the truth that all the conversion therapy in the world, all the women he's slept with, didn't change who he really is. Tobias is his first and only love.

If only he weren't the prime suspect in Tobias' investigation...

Recoil is a standalone M/M nail-biting romance about two damaged men who have loved and lost, and must learn to love again.

Title: Incubus Caged
Series: The Incubus Series, 1
Author(s): AH Lee
Length: 281 pages 
Publisher: Pavonine Books (August 21, 2017)

Genre:  Romance / MMF / Besexual / Urban Fantasy / 


Blurb: A clever woman. A powerful incubus. A sorcerer who has finally made a mistake.

When Jessica volunteered as tribute to a sorcerer's court, she knew that sex would be part of her job. However, she did not expect Lord Azrael to "feed" her to his pet incubus on her first day at work. She's shocked that the incubus--a shapeshifting panther--can take the form of a man. She's shocked that they have an audience. She's even more shocked that she likes it. When the show is over, Jessica is sent off to new adventures, but she can't stop thinking about him.

Mal, the incubus, can't stop thinking about Jessica, either. Their liaison has revealed secrets about her--secrets that even Jessica doesn't know. Mal will stop at nothing to escape from Azrael and kill him. He thinks he may be able to use Jessica to do it. However, he is rapidly developing feelings for her that he doesn't understand. Even his relationship with Azrael is changing. Can an incubus fall in love? And what will happen when he is forced to choose between love and revenge?

The Incubus Series is an MMF bisexual shifter romance with lots of steamy scenes. Adults only.

Title: Quinn's Destiny
Series: (A Companion's Tale Book 1)
Author(s): Emily Jean
Length: 224 pages

Genre:  Erotic Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal / Action & Adventure /


Blurb: Never Question, always obey.
The world is cruel for a companion whose sole purpose is to fight beside his warlock masters in the heat of war.

A war that rages between warlock and vampire.

A companion must be their mater's shield as well as their submissive, and a warrior who chooses otherwise will receive a cold-blooded punishment. Quinn is a companion who serves his master in any way that he desires, and always without question. Specifically created by the warlocks from a combination of magic and life essence to win the war, Quinn is the perfect companion to use in order to gain the upper hand against their blood sucking enemies.

But when Quinn's master perishes from a vampire attack, he finds that the warlocks no longer have a use for him, and Quinn is left with a choice. Run, or be disposed of like his brothers and sisters before him.

The world is cruel for a companion who chooses to run away, but when an enticing and dangerous vampire begins hunting Quinn for answers he may or may not be able to fulfill, his fate dangles by a thread. 

Will he choose to escape the clutches of the warlocks and try to survive on his own? Or will his submissive nature take over and let the warlocks choose his destiny for him, putting an end to his freedom and the vampire who seeks him?

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#PactDays : Catalani #ValespianPact

Welcome to Thursday's Pact Days! Today, we have the Catalani. 

For those who have read the series might recognize the Catalani from Alpha Trine and Striker. Amlyn attempted to kill Zeus, thinking he was a spy. Later she fought by Zeus's side and then took it upon herslef to guard Dargon and Alpha when they were in labor. She now lives on Atlainticia protecting Zeus and his family.

A couple of side notes: I'm placing these in alphabetical order so I won't unintentionally place importance on any specie. I will leave off information on the species that will spoil future books. My standard sheet has the same categories for all species. So there will be blank categories just because that species didn't need them.


Species: Catalani
Planet: Catalan
Other races on the planet:
Planetary Terrain: mountainous, volcanic, forest, jungle
Capitol: Arcturus
Patron Ryo Pardeep:

Description: Biped, appearance is very feline-like. Color blind with good night vision and seeing objects in motion. Aggressive and territorial. Sense of smell is no better than a human's. Good balance, stealthy. Short tempered, limber. Average height: 3'1" to 5'

Small family prides of mostly females.

They have both mystic and psi orders who don't tolerate each other. There have been many attempts at cleansing the planet of one or the other orders.

Loves weapons and will spend ridiculous amounts of money to obtain the best.

The prides fight so much among themselves they are on the verge of extinction. They have been interbreeding with Gaziniti who are pacifist. The Gaziniti genetics tempers the Catalani aggression, reducing the violent tendencies.

No human friendly

Their world is rich in "mana" an energy that the mystic order can manipulate. The energy comes from catalyn crystals that are mined and made into jewelry and inlaid into clothing and scepters. They refuse to join the Valespian Mentalist Order that teach and track those with have the ability to manipulate energies such as Psionics, Elementalists, and Ritual Weavers.

A short history: Gaziniti were shipwrecked on Catalan and they were taken into the tribes. The Catalanis warred amongst themselves mercilessly, slowly killing themselves off. But when the Gaziniti intermarried with the Catalani, the offspring were markedly less violent. When the Gaziniti were discovered and rescued, the information got out and Gaziniti volunteers went back to Catalan to integrate with them, hoping the next generations would better tolerate each other, allowing the Catalani to survive as a species. If left to their own devices, the Catalani were on track to extinguish themselves in 5 to 6 generations.

Common Occupation: mining, mentalis, mystic, warrior, assassin

Government Systems: Matriarchal family prides. Since the integration of the Gaziniti, a senate has been formed.

Current Leader:

Council of Neighn of Member: Gitash of the Olmash Plains

Allies: Gaziniti,

Star System: 2 star solar system: Asteria Solar System

Other planets occupied by species:

Military Leader:

Cultural names and terms specific to species:

Shino, Rinis, Nymne, Coce, Akane, Themah, Kobe, Sora, Mocrie, Huxu, Natsu, Aimi, Chaunee, Gimess

Sakura, Kussimo Nocsorr, Xaunia, Nori, Rizau, Kaede, Domo, Haruki, Ko, Makirr, Cuka, Zuzso, Aoi

Clan/Tribe Names:

Silver Spirit Tribe
Orache Hill Tribe
Savage Aura Tribe
Bright Phoenix Tribe
Grave Watch Tribe
Molten Sword Tribe
Dirty Crown Tribe
Mammoth Rock Tribe
Grim Island Tribe
Hard Fire Tribe
Blue Skeleton Tribe
Yellow Dagger Tribe
Infamous Sun Tribe
Falling Whisper Tribe
Rising Forest Tribe

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Release Day Book Blast! J. Scott Coatsworth with The Stark Divide

Today we have a release day book blast for The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth. Personally, I've been waiting to get my hands on this book. Sci-Fi with a bit of romance is exactly my cup of tea!

Publisher: DSP Publications
Author: J. Scott Coatsworth
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Length: 284 Pages
Format: eBook, Paperback
Release Date: 10/10/17
Pairing: MM
Price: 6.99, 16.99
Series: Liminal Sky (Book One)
Genre: Sci Fi, Space, Gen Ship, Apocalypse, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer


Some stories are epic.

The Earth is in a state of collapse, with wars breaking out over resources and an environment pushed to the edge by human greed.

Three living generation ships have been built with a combination of genetic mastery, artificial intelligence, technology, and raw materials harvested from the asteroid belt. This is the story of one of them—43 Ariadne, or Forever, as her inhabitants call her—a living world that carries the remaining hopes of humanity, and the three generations of scientists, engineers, and explorers working to colonize her.

From her humble beginnings as a seedling saved from disaster to the start of her journey across the void of space toward a new home for the human race, The Stark Divide tells the tales of the world, the people who made her, and the few who will become something altogether beyond human.

Humankind has just taken its first step toward the stars.

Book One of Liminal Sky


“DRESSLER, SCHEMATIC,” Colin McAvery, ship’s captain and a third of the crew, called out to the ship-mind.

A three-dimensional image of the ship appeared above the smooth console. Her five living arms, reaching out from her central core, were lit with a golden glow, and the mechanical bits of instrumentation shone in red. In real life, she was almost two hundred meters from tip to tip.

Between those arms stretched her solar wings, a ghostly green film like the sails of the Flying Dutchman.

“You’re a pretty thing,” he said softly. He loved these ships, their delicate beauty as they floated through the starry void.

“Thank you, Captain.” The ship-mind sounded happy with the compliment—his imagination running wild. Minds didn’t have real emotions, though they sometimes approximated them.

He cross-checked the heading to be sure they remained on course to deliver their payload, the man-sized seed that was being dragged on a tether behind the ship. Humanity’s ticket to the stars at a time when life on Earth was getting rapidly worse.

All of space was spread out before him, seen through the clear expanse of plasform set into the ship’s living walls. His own face, trimmed blond hair, and deep brown eyes, stared back at him, superimposed over the vivid starscape.

At thirty, Colin was in the prime of his career. He was a starship captain, and yet sometimes he felt like little more than a bus driver. After this run… well, he’d have to see what other opportunities might be awaiting him. Maybe the doc was right, and this was the start of a whole new chapter for mankind. They might need a guy like him.

The walls of the bridge emitted a faint but healthy golden glow, providing light for his work at the curved mechanical console that filled half the room. He traced out the T-Line to their destination. “Dressler, we’re looking a little wobbly.” Colin frowned. Some irregularity in the course was common—the ship was constantly adjusting its trajectory—but she usually corrected it before he noticed.

“Affirmative, Captain.” The ship-mind’s miniature chosen likeness appeared above the touch board. She was all professional today, dressed in a standard AmSplor uniform, dark hair pulled back in a bun, and about a third life-sized.

The image was nothing more than a projection of the ship-mind, a fairy tale, but Colin appreciated the effort she took to humanize her appearance. Artificial mind or not, he always treated minds with respect.

“There’s a blockage in arm four. I’ve sent out a scout to correct it.”

The Dressler was well into slowdown now, her pre-arrival phase as she bled off her speed, and they expected to reach 43 Ariadne in another fifteen hours.

Pity no one had yet cracked the whole hyperspace thing. Colin chuckled. Asimov would be disappointed. “Dressler, show me Earth, please.”

A small blue dot appeared in the middle of his screen.

“Dressler, three dimensions, a bit larger, please.” The beautiful blue-green world spun before him in all its glory.

Appearances could be deceiving. Even with scrubbers working tirelessly night and day to clean the excess carbon dioxide from the air, the home world was still running dangerously warm.

He watched the image in front of him as the East Coast of the North American Union spun slowly into view. Florida was a sliver of its former self, and where New York City’s lights had once shone, there was now only blue. If it had been night, Fargo, the capital of the Northern States, would have outshone most of the other cities below. The floods that had wiped out many of the world’s coastal cities had also knocked down Earth’s population, which was only now reaching the levels it had seen in the early twenty-first century.

All those new souls had been born into a warm, arid world.

We did it to ourselves. Colin, who had known nothing besides the hot planet he called home, wondered what it had been like those many years before the Heat.

Buy Links Etc:

Author Bio:

Scott spends his time between the here and now and the what could be. Enticed into fantasy and sci fi by his mom at the tender age of nine, he devoured her Science Fiction Book Club library. But as he grew up, he wondered where all the people like him were in the books he was reading.

He decided that it was time to create the kinds of stories he couldn’t find at his local bookstore. If there weren’t gay characters in his favorite genres, he would remake them to his own ends.

His friends say Scott’s mind works a little differently – he sees relationships between things that others miss, and gets more done in a day than most folks manage in a week. He loves to transform traditional sci fi, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something unexpected.

Starting in 2014, Scott has published more than 15 works, including two novels and a number of novellas and short stories.

He runs both Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink with his husband Mark, sites that bring queer people together to promote and celebrate fiction that reflects their own lives.

Author Links:

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What's on the Reading Radar #TBR #WishList

What am I doing? Working on a couple of projects. I have Caledonia Destiny out with an editor. I'm also writing on both Bespoken and the side novella, Constant. Just chugging along, making headway here and there. :)

Here's today's selections for the wish list/TBR. Enjoy!

Title: Embers
Author(s): Abigail Hilton
Series(The Guild of the Cowry Catchers Book 1)
Length: 256 pages

Genre: Romantic? / Gay / Epic Fantasy / 


BlurbA tortured prince. A snarky assassin. An assignment that’s about to land them in a world of trouble.

Gerard lost his birthright in his small island kingdom when he married the court minstrel. He fled to the only place that offered protection from his father and his vengeful local deity--the service of the High Priestess.

Unfortunately, his superior officer, Silveo, takes an instant disliking to Gerard. Silveo has a reputation for cruelty, cunning, and a biting wit. Rumors claim that he was once an assassin, who clawed his way to power from a childhood of poverty and abuse.

In spite of their differences, the Priestess insists that Gerard and Silveo cooperate to destroy the charismatic pirate, Gwain, and his mysterious organization, the Guild of the Cowry Catchers. Gwain has been killing off the Temple Police for years, and he seems likely to make a swift end of Gerard...if Silveo doesn't do it first.

Title: Melusine
Author(s): Sarah Monette
Series(Doctrine of Labyrinths #1)
PublisherAce Hardcover (August 2, 2005)
Genre: Non-Romantic / Gay MC / Fantasy

Notes: I selected this series because I wanted to read one in the middle of the 4 books. I picked it up off GoodReads and didn't realize that it wasn't available on ebook. I might hunt down the paperbacks anyway.


Mélusine-a city of secrets and lies, pleasure and pain, magic and corruption, and destinies lost and found... 

Felix Harrowgate is a dashing, highly respected wizard. But the horrors of his past as an abused slave have returned, and threaten to destroy all he has since become.

As a cat burglar, Mildmay the Fox is used to being hunted. But now he has been caught by a wizard. And yet the wizard was looking not for Mildmay, but for Felix Harrowgate...

Thrown together by fate, these unlikely allies will uncover a shocking secret that will link them inexorably together.

Title: Match Day
Author(s)Mercy Celeste 
Series(Adventures INK Book 1)
Length: 193 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Contemporary /


BlurbJilted at the altar!

Doctor Zack Sorensen planned to spend the entire ten-day luxury honeymoon cruise drunk off his ass. Why not? He paid a fortune for the tickets. Non-refundable tickets. If anyone deserved to be drunk for ten days solid it was Zack.

Brian O’Daly - brother of the runaway bride and best man - had no intention of letting his best friend spend the next ten days alone, and most likely drunk, on a ship, with no one to keep him from falling overboard.

But what exactly did one do on an accidental honeymoon? For ten days. To romantic destinations. In one bed… when one is secretly in love with one’s best friend.

Brian and Zack are about to find out.

Title: The Highlander
Author(s): Kasia Bacon
Series(The Order Book 2)
Length: 58 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy /


BlurbI, Lochan of the famed Féyes clan, know all about fighting.As a half-breed Elf, I have struggled against prejudice and feelings of inadequacy.

A recluse by nature, I have battled my aversion to touch and interaction with others.

To become an assassin of The Order, I have learnt to overcome the limitations of my mind and body. 

But denying the power Ervyn Morryés holds over me might be the one fight I lose. The truth is—damn it all—the relentless Highlander brings me to my knees.

Note: This novelette is the second in the Order Series, and not a stand-alone installment. Reading THE MUTT is crucial for its full enjoyment.

Title: Black
Author(s): Donya Lynne
Series: All The King's Men Series
Length: 217 pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance


BlurbMicah Black thought he was the last of his bloodline. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

Micah just found out he has a brother. Ronan, the cat burglar who broke into his apartment and stole the ankh Micah had been entrusted to protect, has turned out to be none other than his own flesh and blood. But that’s not the only revelation Micah uncovers about his family. After centuries of thinking his father was killed during the war, he learns that his father is alive. Still suffering the loss of Micah’s mother, his beloved mate, but alive.

The discoveries continue to pile up as more tightly held secrets and shocking surprises come to light, upending Micah’s world, sending him into a whirlwind of emotions and memories of war, love, and death. But it’s what King Bain reveals that throws Micah for the biggest loop. One that will chart a new path for Micah’s future and change the course of the coming war between the vampires and the drecks forever.

Picking up where Bound Guardian Angel left off, BLACK gives you a glimpse of Micah as you’ve never seen him before. You will be introduced to new characters pivotal to the survival—and hearts—of the characters you’ve come to love. Aliases will be revealed, alliances will be formed, and new enemies exposed as paranormal forces converge in a battle to decide who will ultimately rule humanity.

Title: The Dark Ability
Author(s): DK Homberg
SeriesThe Dark Ability, 1
Length: 334 pages
PublisherASH Publishing (January 4, 2016)

Genre: Non-Romantic / Coming of Age / Sword & Sorcery / Fantasy / 


BlurbExiled by his family. Claimed by thieves. Could his dark ability be the key to his salvation?

Rsiran is a disappointment to his family, gifted with the ability to Slide. It is a dark magic, one where he can transport himself wherever he wants, but using it will only turn him into the thief his father fears.

Forbidden from Sliding, he’s apprenticed under his father as a blacksmith where lorcith, a rare, precious metal with arcane properties, calls to him, seducing him into forming forbidden blades. When discovered, he’s banished, sentenced indefinitely to the mines of Ilphaesn Mountain.

Though Rsiran tries to serve obediently, to learn to control the call of lorcith as his father demands, when his life is threatened in the darkness of the mines, he finds himself Sliding back to Elaeavn where he finds a black market for his blades - and a new family of thieves.

There someone far more powerful than him discovers what he can do and intends to use him. He doesn’t want to be a pawn in anyone’s ambitions; all he ever wanted was a family. But the darkness inside him cannot be ignored - and he’s already embroiled in an ancient struggle that only he may be able to end.

Title: Survival for Three
Author(s): Nicole Stewart
Length: 190 pages

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Bisexual / MMF / 



When Nadia Clark’s charmed life as a billionaire is blown off track by a near-death experience, she signs up for a survival training course. But, nothing can prepare her for the storm of passion she encounters next. Her instructor lights her fire and takes her body to ecstasy.

He’s a man who needs no one. She’s a woman still under her father’s thumb, and Wilson Clark would not approve. Especially since she wants her classmate, too. They can’t afford to get lost in their desires…

But there’s no denying human nature.


Perry Evans has a bigger problem than his attraction to a spoiled heiress. He has to keep his business thriving. He ignores the lust that is as wild as the Smoky Mountains he knows like the back of his hand. Much less familiar is his attraction to his other student…

It’s about to get primal.


Lincoln Easley is used to an action-packed life…At least, on camera. Both Nadia and Perry help him reveal his true character. Yet, their connection can only survive away from prying eyes.

And, everyone knows there’s danger in the woods…

Survival for Three is a scorching hot Bisexual / Menage MMF romance with explicit scenes and a guaranteed HEA ending!

Title: Lyle's Story
Author(s): Kay Berrisford
Series(Landlocked Heart Book 2)
Length: 89 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / 


BlurbLyle, a merman, and Ben, his human, work together in a seaside ice-cream parlour and their life together is bliss. Or would be, if not for Ben's constant worries about career and money, and Lyle's dark past—a myriad of secrets, lies, wild magic, and foul deeds, which now threaten to catch up with him.

When Lyle's merfolk family accuse him of murder, Ben and Lyle's bond is stretched to the limit. Not only does Lyle seem unsuited to Ben's dreams of domestic happiness, his magical powers are spinning dangerously out of control. Even Lyle isn't entirely sure he's innocent.

With Ben dragged deep into the enchanted processes of merfolk justice, escaping with his life—and getting home to an important job interview—is just the start of the challenge. Uncovering Lyle's inner truths without destroying their love could be a step too far...

Title: Stalking Tender Prey
Author(s): Storm Constantine
SeriesThe Grigori Trilogy Book 1
Length: 488 pages
PublisherImmanion Press; 3rd edition (May 6, 2012)

Genre: Non-romatnic / Gay MC / Fantasy / Mythology / Fairies Tales / 


BlurbThe Grigori are an ancient race; powerful people who possess abilities and powers humans do not. They gave rise to the legends of the fallen angels, and their descendents live on among us, hidden within human society, moving wheels within wheels, making changes unseen across the world.

The twins Owen and Lily Winter always have always known they are different to everyone else who lives in the quiet village of Little Moor. Their mother is dead and they never discovered who their father was. When the mysterious stranger, Peverel Othman, arrives in Little Moor, their lives are destined to be changed for ever, and ancient secrets are unearthed in the High Place in the forest and the haunted towers of the shuttered and deserted mansion, Long Eden.

Among the upper echelons of Grigori society, the search begins for an Anakim – a rogue Grigori whose existence threatens the security of his race and the lives of those who cross his path. Aninka Prussoe, whose own life has been shattered by contact with the Anakim, is among those who are led towards Little Moor and the final climax to a story that never ended and which has haunted both humanity and Grigori alike for millennia.

Stalking Tender Prey is the first volume in Storm Constantine’s acclaimed Grigori trilogy, examining the myths of the fallen angels and the Nephilim.

Title: Green's Hill Werewolves Vol. 1
Author(s): Amy Lane
Series(Little Goddess)
Length: 322 pages
Publisher: DSPP

Genre: Romantic Elements / Bisexual / Paranormal / Fantasy / MMF /



In the world of the Little Goddess

Teague Sullivan and Jack Barnes work in the dangerous gray area between the natural and supernatural worlds, helping people who get separated from the safety of Green’s Hill find their way home. Teague's in the game for redemption—but Jack's in the game for Teague.

Teague is damaged, haunted, and about the loneliest man Jack has ever met, but Jack sees beyond Teague's scars and gruffness to the kindness and bravery underneath. Teague is pretty sure Jack's a green idealist—a scarred old dog like Teague will never be good enough for a sweet young pup like his Jacky.

When Jack is injured, the two hunters are sucked into the paranormal world they’ve been defending. Teague must reevaluate everything he's believed about their relationship. While Teague is sorting out his life both with Jacky and as a member of Green's Hill, Katy steps into the mix. She’s loved Teague since she was a child, and that love has only gotten stronger now that they’ve survived into adulthood. Teague Sullivan, who has lived “without” since he was born, is suddenly given all the things that make live worth living “with.” Does Teague have the courage to reach for two lovers and a place on Green's Hill?

For the first time in print: Yearning, Waiting, Reaching, and Changing.

Title: How We Survive
Author(s): Michele Notaro
Series: Reclaiming Hope, 1
Length: 368 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Paranormal / 



With the world in chaos around us, the only thing I could do was try to keep Felix safe as we searched for our older brother. We’d been traveling for over two years, searching Ministry camp after Ministry camp and trying to steer clear of the Rebels. I didn’t know what to do when we ran into a whole group of shifters with guns. But then, the huge, gorgeous guy that found us did the unthinkable…

At first I thought the two young shifters were trying to sneak up on me, but I soon realized they were only passing through. I was going to send them on their way until I heard the others coming. What was I supposed to do? How else was I supposed to save them? The delicious man and his brother would’ve been killed had I not claimed him.

Will Nate and Tre be able to work together to keep themselves and their packmates alive? Or will they let the cruelty of the outside world tear them apart?

***How We Survive is the first book in the Reclaiming Hope series, but is a standalone novel. Each book in the series will feature a different couple, but the couples will show up throughout the series. It’s a paranormal shifter romance between two men with explicit language and graphic sex intended for Adults Only.***

Title: The Stark Divide
Author(s): J. Scott Coatsworth
Series: Liminal Sky, 1
Publisher: DSPP

Genre: Romantic Elements / Gay / Sci-Fi / 


BlurbLiminal Sky: Book One

Some stories are epic.

The Earth is in a state of collapse, with wars breaking out over resources and an environment pushed to the edge by human greed.

Three living generation ships have been built with a combination of genetic mastery, artificial intelligence, technology, and raw materials harvested from the asteroid belt. This is the story of one of them—43 Ariadne, or Forever, as her inhabitants call her—a living world that carries the remaining hopes of humanity, and the three generations of scientists, engineers, and explorers working to colonize her.

From her humble beginnings as a seedling saved from disaster to the start of her journey across the void of space toward a new home for the human race, The Stark Divide tells the tales of the world, the people who made her, and the few who will become something altogether beyond human.

Humankind has just taken its first step toward the stars.

Title: Strictly Incubusiness
Author(s): Vanessa Mulberry
Length: 125 pages

Genre: Romance / Gay / Fantasy / 


BlurbIncubi need sex to live but Kai’s been keeping himself hungry. He’s not one of those Fuck You to Death demons; he’s a decent guy who helps out at the Magical Animal Shelter and makes sure humans enjoy his body in moderation. He never expected to be arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, and away from his brothel for a few days, he soon finds himself starving. It doesn’t help that the bounty hunter who picked him up is an immortal, and a gorgeous one at that.

Tynan of the Mount is well aware that the incubus he arrested looks at him like he’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, but he wrote the Bounty Hunter Guild’s code of ethics and he’s not about to sleep with an acquisition, no matter how much they both want it. He needs to focus on work and get Kai into court without other Guild members trying to get a piece of the large reward on offer for his capture.

But Tynan believes in justice and when he discovers Kai is innocent he has to make a choice between Kai’s freedom and his own job. Can he guarantee a fair trial? Can he allow himself to feed Kai some of his unlimited life force through the medium of sex? And can he stop being a grumpy bastard for long enough to develop feelings for the handsome incubus?

Strictly Incubusiness is a stand-alone Fantasy MM Romance that enjoys long walks through the forest and role-playing as a light comedy at the weekends.

Thank you for stopping by and reading!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Flash Fiction: Healing Touch #ValespianPact

This will be the last flash fiction for Prince Mestor and Warlord Sohm'lan. I decided to go ahead an write a novella for them. Since their relationship is intertwined with the overall Valespian plot, the novella will take place during Striker and end with HFN. They just kept talking to me and something that was supposed to be a quick and fun 2-3k is currently over 8k with these three "flash fictions".

The next flash fictions will be things that happened on the side during Alpha Trine and Striker. A few topics I'm thinking about exploring are: Rathmar's disappearance from court, the GryFalconi getting to know the Chimera triplets, I think that I'm going to introduce Azaes's future empress, Ariafella. 

Do y'all have any suggestions? Anything or anyone that you'd like to see more of from the Valespian Pact?


Copyright 2017 Lexi Ander

Healing Touch

~Prince Mestor

Mestor hadn't hurt this bad in a long while. He tried to console himself. Fighting is son of Poseidon and coming away with only a couple of injuries was probably fortuitous. The raw energy rolling off the tailless skink had warned him, but Zeus had been in mortal danger. He snarled, remembering the bruising around Zeus's throat. Next time, he would be better aware. Nethus would not escape unscathed.

"Should I call and have pain meds delivered," Sohm'lan asked.

Mister snapped his teeth together, cutting off the snarl. "No, I am fine." Which was not quite a lie.

Sohm'lan snorted, his disbelief evident. Taking advantage of the situation, Mestor leaned more heavily against Sohm'lan. His leg was throbbing and the walk from the Oethra 7 only aggravated the wound, but he could have made the lavatory on his own… Maybe.

When they entered, Sohm'lan leaned him against the prep counter. Mestor had removed the jacket but the shirt underneath remained, cut up the side so Mayra could to get to his wound. What remained hung in tatters on his frame.

Warlord Sohm'lan worked on the clasps without meeting Mestor's gaze. He'd been attempting to get Sohm'lan's attention for a little over a year now and had been rebuffed at every turn. His visions warned him time and again that the situation was precarious. Sohm'lan was his Water Father and his superior on the battlefield. Mestor valued Sohm'lan's unwavering friendship, but he yearned for so much more.

Before they had left Atlainticia, Mestor contracted an agency that provided anonymous surrogates. He and Meme had met with the director, and she helped him sift through the egg candidates. Those selected would be set aside under Mestor's name. When he was ready he would initiate the impregnation clause; he and his partner could have as many younglings as they wanted. As per the laws, Mestor would never meet the surrogates, but he'd make sure the females were well compensated.

When he first started pursuing Sohm'lan, Meme was the first to notice his interest. She'd patiently rung all his carefully crafted plans from him. So far, she was the only one he had confided in, who knew he desired Sohm'lan as his mate. She'd warned him the road he'd chosen would be rough. He thought he understood, besides, he had the slight touch of foresight like his father. Surely that would help him to ease his way into Sohm'lan's heart. The last several months taught him how wrong he was.

Mestor winced as he stood, the stitches in his abdomen pulling sharply has he attempted to shrug off the remains of the shirt.

"Remain still," Sohm'lan snapped.

With a gentleness that belied his snarling countenance, Sohm'lan unclasped the sleeves and pulled the shirt down Mestor's arms. When Sohm'lan stopped and stared at the bandages on Mestor's lower torso, he looked down to see a faint red blooming against the stark white of the cloth. Sohm'lan nostrils flared as he inhaled, anger flashing across his countenance.

"You stubborn, reckless fool. You should have told me you pulled a stitch, accepted help from me," he snarled.

Mestor frowned. He'd been injured before and Sohm'lan hadn't acted like this. Warmth flooded him at what Sohm'lan's behavior possibly meant. He hid his grin and plastered on a grimace.

"I am fine," he said, watching every nuance, every emotion that flickered across Sohm'lan's expression. Last night he had wondered if his pursuit of the warlord was a fruitless endeavor, that his visions had lead him astray. But today proved Sohm'lan wasn't as unaffected as he acted. Knowing that, Mestor needed to move carefully, for he was sure one wrong move would push Sohm'lan away forever.

"Stop saying such especially when I know it is not true. You do not have to put on a front for me. I know your battle honor and would never question…" Sohm'lan's gaze moved up Mestor's chest. Many a lover complemented him on his strong physique. His body had been honed over the years by swordplay and combat practice. He held his breath as Sohm'lan looked him over. When the tension became unbearable, he moved to unclasped his pants, resisting the urge to reach for Sohm'lan.

The movement seemed to snap Sohm'lan out of his thoughts. He hissed and knocked Mestor's hands aside and began to work on the belt. At any other time, Mestor's arousal would be evident. To have Sohm'lan run his hands over Mestor's scales was a dream. He wouldn't have been able to keep his arousal hidden, but the pain overruled his body, and for that Mestor was thankful. If an erection had protruded from his sheath, he had no doubts that Sohm'lan would've left him where he stood. As it was, Sohm'lan carefully removed Mestor's pans without a clue to how much Mestor wanted him.

The bandage around his thigh had a larger, darker bloom of red. Sohm'lan's hand trembled when he stroked the white cloth. Mestor was astonished to see Sohm'lan's murderous expression when he spun to the shower and turned it on. Steam immediately clouded the air. When he turned back, he'd drawn his belt knife, but Mestor wasn't afraid. Without a word of warning, he cut away the bandages, his fingertips skirting the edges of the stitched wounds. Mestor's scales tightened at the caress. He wished vehemently Sohm'lan would run his claws all over his scales in a similar way. Well, if he got lucky, he would feel Sohm'lan's mouth on him, even if clinically. Later he would have to thank Azaes for the suggestion. Mestor had been searching for a way to propose the same without causing Sohm'lan to be suspicious. He had realized that any suggestion from him would have caused Sohm'lan to storm off.

Now that he thought about it, he wondered if Azaes had known Mestor was gently pursuing Sohm'lan. Sure, he had confided in Meme, but he'd said nothing to his twin. Azaes was very fond and protective of Sohm'lan. Mestor didn't have a track record for being a serious lover. He had his reasons, but he didn't want to hash them out with Azaes. Now that Azaes had opened this door for Mestor, he was going to use the situation to his advantage.

Instead of placing his hand over Sohm'lan's where it rested against him, Mestor pushed off the prep counter and limped to the shower. That his injured leg had turned stiff as Sohm'lan had undressed him hadn't been apparent until he stepped in the shower in his foot caught on the lip. This stumble wasn't orchestrated like the one in the cabin had been. Mestor flailed, sure he was going to go down hard. He gritted his teeth so he would not cry out in pain.

Suddenly, Sohm'lan was there, his arm wrapped around Mestor's chest, a hand on his hip. Sohm'lan was snarling curse words Mestor had never heard him utter before. He would have taken the time to admire Sohm'lan's inventiveness but the pain in his abdomen and leg had stolen his breath.

Even though Mestor braced his hands on the shower walls, his claws scraping against the natural stone, Sohm'lan didn't release him. He was surrounded by the warlord, understanding for the first time how much larger than him Sohm'lan was. His body was completely enveloped by Sohm'lan larger one. What really pissed him off was that he was too injured to properly enjoy the situation.

"Mestor, I need you to answer me." Sohm'lan's voice was rough, close to his ear and he realized Sohm'lan had been speaking to him for several minutes, but he'd been too caught up in the pain to hear. And yet, he couldn't reply because Sohm'lan had used his name and only his name. No honorific. No title. He paused to savor the sound, to set it in his memory so that he could pull it out when he needed encouragement.

He had to see Sohm'lan's face. Carefully, he turned, the warm water sloughing over his scales, washing away the sour sent he carried back with him from the dream. Sohm'lan's blue eyes bore into him, concern stamped across his features. Mestor wondered if Sohm'lan realized what he'd said.

"We need to get you off your feet." Sohm'lan stepped away, leaving Mestor filling bereft. "The sooner we put Prince Azaes's nonsense idea to bed, the sooner I can get you the proper pain medication."

Just the thought of Sohm'lan putting his mouth on him made Mestor stomach flip with unbridled excitement. That coupled with the sight of Sohm'lan's hard body draped in wet clothing made Mestor's mouth go dry. Material stuck to every curve of Sohm'lan's body and Mestor wanted to peel the layers off. Lust coursed through his veins. Thankfully, the steamy stall cloaked the potency of the pheromones he emitted. Mestor needed to get himself under control before the water was shut off.

He had a lifetime of reading Sohm'lan's expression and the warlord's stern countenance warned of an underlying anger Sohm'lan didn't give voice to. Mestor refused to sabotage himself and give Sohm'lan a reason to leave him before they tried the healing technique from the story. Something in him that had nothing to do with his desire for Sohm'lan hummed excitedly, as if eagerly waiting for Sohm'lan to open a secret door that Mestor could sense but not see. If he made one wrong move or said the wrong thing, he would chase Sohm'lan away and something indescribable would change for the worse.

For as long as Mestor could remember, he took after his father inheriting a touch of clairvoyance, a talent that ran in his family. Many times he'd taken advantage of this knowing, using the foresight given to him to anticipate the next strike in battle or see the underlying machinations of the court nobles. When it came to Sohm'lan Mestor was extra careful, examining each piece of hyper-intuition given to him. There were times he wanted to scoff at the knowing, but he had been taught to pay attention to his instincts. So he was good, keeping his hands to himself as he washed. Desperately, he tried to not think about how Sohm'lan's hands felt against his scales. The slow sensual torture was driving him mad and when Sohm'lan turned off the water, Mestor released a sigh of relief.

Sohm'lan didn't leave the shower. Instead he quickly stripped off his wet uniform, revealing tantalizing brown scales gleaming like polished gems stretched over impressive musculature. Mestor pressed himself back into the corner before his legs gave out. How many times over the last year had he fantasized about what Sohm'lan would look like with all his body bared to Mestor's sight. The fantasy paled in the face of reality. Sohm'lan's movements were economized, quick and businesslike, unaware that Mestor watched every stroke, his eyes devouring every bit of exposed scale until Mestor couldn't take it anymore. If he stayed, he would shove Sohm'lan against the wall and make sure Sohm'lan reached completion by Mestor's touch alone. Again, the knowing rose up, startling Mestor with the intensity of the vision, warning him away from the action. Mestor reacted without thinking and brushed by Sohm'lan, grabbing one of the two robes hanging on the wall next to the shower before he left the lavatory.

A part of him, the horny part screamed as he walked away. There was an arrogant part of him that knew could have Sohm'lan if he pressed hard enough in the right areas, but it would only be for a night. He wanted Sohm'lan for all time, and because of that desire, he listened to his intuition. Keeping his hands to himself was the path to making that happen. So he followed the knowing, moving in a staggering gait from the receiving room to the antechamber to his bedchamber.

By Poseidon's balls, he hurt and, not for the first time, he wondered if Nethus's barbs or claws were poisoned. His wounds were metaphysical as well as physical. He'd been cut up before but it never felt like this, as if his muscles were first numb to all feeling and then twisting with agony. Perhaps the oddness had to do with receiving the injuries while dreaming of the Waters of Poseidon. Whatever the reason Mestor hoped he found some relief soon.

At the thought he shivered, thinking of Sohm'lan between his legs, his mouth on Mestor's scales, tongue flicking out. Making a rough noise, Mestor headed to the small cabinet that held a very select set of libations that he rarely allowed himself to indulge in. He poured two fingers of Blue Ice into a glass for himself. Listening hard for Sohm'lan's progress in the lavatory, he decided to pour a glass for Sohm'lan as well. He tossed back the burning liquid when Sohm'lan entered the room wearing Mestor's spare robe. To see Sohm'lan wearing something that belonged to him lit a fire in Mestor's blood. It didn't seem as if one glass of Blue Ice was helping, so he poured another. Sohm'lan prowled toward him and Mestor was pretty sure Sohm'lan wasn't aware his walk announced he was a predator on the hunt. Poseidon bless him, he needed to behave and not respond to the challenge in Sohm'lan's eyes.

Mestor knocked back the second drink in one long hard swallow and stored the glass before he crossed to the door that led to his sleeping chamber. Behind him, he heard Sohm'lan take the glass Mestor had left for him.

"It will be more comfortable if you lay down," Sohm'lan said from right behind him. Mestor startled, embarrassed that he was caught staring at the black satin of the sleeping platform. It was a good thing Sohm'lan couldn't read his mind.

Suddenly feeling modest, Mestor clutch the rope to him as he crawled to the center of the sleeping platform and turned to face Sohm'lan only to catch his breath when the stitches pulled across his abdomen.

"Stop trying to seduce me, and just lay down," Sohm'lan growled.

"If I was trying to woo you, old man, I would have foregone the robe," Mestor snarled back, surprised when he settled on his back to see Sohm'lan grinning at him.

Suddenly, Mestor wasn't sure if this was such a good idea. Yes, he wanted Sohm'lan to touch him intimately, but the thought of this being the only time Sohm'lan would do so… Mestor wasn't sure he wanted to carry the memory of what he couldn't have.

Before he could protest, Sohm'lan crawled toward him, those brilliant blue eyes unblinking and steady on Mestor as he pushed Mestor's legs apart. Mestor gripped the luxurious cover, panting like a youngling who'd never had anyone else in his bed before. Sohm'lan pushed aside the robe to reveal the puncture that Mayra used four stitches to close up. The scales were unevenly matched and would need to be realigned by a medical professional from home or the scar would hamper his movement.

Without a word, Sohm'lan settled on his stomach between Mestor's thighs and sniffed the injury. Then he tentatively licked around the edge. Mestor held his breath, reveling in the sensation as Sohm'lan grew bolder, more confident in his actions. When Sohm'lan sealed his mouth over the hole, Mestor couldn't believe how scorching hot Sohm'lan's touch was against his skin. The intense heat delved beneath Mestor's scales when Sohm'lan sucked at the wound. Something reared awake in Mestor, like a predator springing from hiding, igniting his core. One by one, Mestor's scales began to burn as if a living flame licked at him. When Sohm'lan finally rose up, Mestor gasped with him as if the both of them had been running for miles. Sohm'lan's blue eyes flared, alight from an internal flame causing them to glow as Sohm'lan moved up Mestor's body, brushing aside the rope ties and parting the cloth to expose all of Mestor.

He couldn't help it, Mestor moaned when Sohm'lan ran his chin over the scales of Mestor's stomach. He licked over the lower part of the wound, the warmth in Mestor's core rose to greet Sohm'lan's burning lips. Sohm'lan growled, attacking the slash with a vigor that was almost sexual, tongue swiping over Mestor scales. Everywhere Sohm'lan touched, Mestor burned, the sensation washing away the pain of the wound, replaced by his arousal. He was erect, his length sliding out of the sheath, his penis brushing against Sohm'lan as it grew.

"Sohm!" Mestor cried out, his hand going to the back of Sohm'lan's head, pressing Sohm'lan's mouth closer to him. Something was happening. He'd been aroused before, but not like this. Never like this.

Sohm'lan snarled against Mestor, his strong hands gripping Mestor's hips. He wanted to writhe under the flames Sohm'lan had brought to life within him. But all he could do was curl over Sohm'lan where he laved the slash across Mestor's abdomen.

Then, to Mestor's astonishment, Sohm'lan began to glow. Not only his eyes but his brown scales lit like each one hid fire beneath. The glow brightening until the light of the room was eclipsed by Sohm'lan's prismatic shining. Sohm'lan's hand slipped up Mestor's chest, claws scraping over his scales as Sohm'lan forced Mestor to uncurl, pushing him flat against the mound of pillows behind him. Mestor was mesmerized as Sohm'lan slowly licked at the wound, rolling his shining blue eyes to look up Mestor's body. That one expression said he more than liked what he saw.

As Sohm'lan laved, he used his claws to tear through the stitches but Mestor wasn't afraid. He trusted Sohm'lan with his life, with his body, so he didn't protest as Sohm'lan undid Mayra's handiwork.
The hand over Mestor's heart grew warmer, almost too hot for Mestor to bear. With the stitches removed, the wound gaped and blood welled up. Sohm'lan locked his mouth over the lower part and sucked. The slight pain didn't deter Mestor's aching erection. It was as if Sohm'lan was trying to draw out poison from the wound. Mestor would have writhed at the blending of pleasure and pain, but Sohm'lan's hand on his upper torso kept him in place.

The room… the air grew too hot and Mestor panted between the moans Sohm'lan's mouth pulled from him. Sohm'lan looked up at Mestor, his gaze full of dark knowledge that made Mestor's cock throb. The hand over Mestor's chest burned into him until he screamed. Sohm'lan's glow filled the room, causing dark shapes to dance on the walls. Inexplicably, Mestor began to shine as well. First, under Sohm'lan's hand, then the light spread over his scales with each pull of Sohm'lan's mouth until Mestor's light joined Sohm'lan's.

Poseidon! What was happening to them? His scales pulled so tight that it almost hurt. The sound of waves crashing against a rocky shore filled his ears. He could taste salty air on his tongue and the smell of Sohm'lan, wholly virile and male, told Mestor that he wasn't the only one needing.

He reached down to wrap his fingers around his erection only for Sohm'lan to knock his hand aside. Mestor whimpered and he closed his eyes against the blinding light spilling from them. When Sohm'lan's fingers wrapped around his length, Mestor's breath left him in a rush. The heat that spilled into him from Sohm'lan seemed to be concentrated under his palm. His touch was almost too hot, threatening to burn the unprotected skin of Mestor's penis. Then Sohm'lan slowly pumped his hand over Mestor's length and he screamed again. It was as if Sohm'lan held a string that was buried in Mestor's core and with each upward glide of Sohm'lan's hand, the cord pulled. The sensation hurt. The pain almost, but not quite, eclipsed the intense pleasure of being stroked. He bowed off the bed when Sohm'lan's teeth sunk into his flesh, then he came. Wave after wave of heat fell over Mestor. He could almost believe he stood in the center of Inferno, Atlainticia's largest volcano.

Mestor cried out again and again, opening his eyes when another voice joined his. The claws of one of Sohm'lan's hand bit into Mestor's hip, while the other held Mestor's pulsing cock, seaman painting both of them. Their combined glow was so bright that Mestor's eyes stung with tears.

Sohm'lan yelled again, as if he were being split asunder. Mestor's ears popped from unseen pressure right as Sohm'lan tore himself away from Mestor. Sohm'lan rolled to his side, his heaving breaths in sync with Mestor's.

"What in hellion was that?" Mestor rasped between gasps. He and Sohm'lan still glowed but were dimming steadily. Mestor blinked several times, the loss of the brilliance leaving behind a blindness, causing the normal light in the room to seem lackluster and dim.

"I would like to know the answer to the question as well." Azaes stood in the doorway to Mestor's bedchamber, wearing only a blue robe and an expression that said he was jealous. "My healing was nothing like that."

Sohm'lan snarled, his sudden rage almost palpable as he rolled off the sleeping platform and stormed past Azaes.

Mestor hissed at his brother, wanting to go after Sohm'lan, terrified he would walk out. Mestor would lose any chance of calling Sohm'lan his. But his body was heavy, as if he lay on the ocean floor. When he didn't hear the door to the main cabin open, he relaxed but only a little. He ached but not in a bad way. When he touched the place where Nethus had sliced him open, he found no wound, not even a raised scar. Glancing down his body, he was surprised. His scales didn't look as if he had been laid open. Instead, he had a bite scar. Mestor remembered Sohm'lan sinking his teeth into him, causing him to come. The mark was a stamp of belonging, of claiming, and Mestor traced the outline with his fingers with a bit of awe and trepidation.

Did Sohm'lan mean to give him the mark? Somehow, he didn't think Sohm'lan was aware of what he'd done. Though the scar brought him great joy, he covered it with his hand when Sohm'lan returned fully dressed and carrying a warm wet cloth and a dry towel. They both ignored Azaes who moved to sit in the chair closest to Mestor's sleeping platform. He took the cloth from Sohm'lan, watching Sohm'lan's expression for some sign that would tell him how Sohm'lan felt about what happened. But he was met with Sohm'lan's blank, professional mask, all his thoughts and feelings hidden away once again.

Mestor didn't know what to do, other than give Sohm'lan an excuse to run. "I'll clean. Azaes can help me. Zeus and Dargon will be arriving soon and we haven't set up first meal yet."

"As you wish, your highness." Sohm'lan turned and left, not seeing the way Mestor grimaced at Sohm'lan's formality. When the door to the cabin swished shut, Mestor let out a breath.

"You want to tell me what happened?" Azaes asked, slouching back in his seat.

"No. Yes. I don't know." Vivid images played over and over in Mestor's mind. He wasn't concerned with how or why they had glowed. No, Mestor only wondered when he could get Sohm'lan in his bed again.